Get Back Out Into God's Artistry

As I wrote in one of my previous newsletters, I, unfortunately, hurt my left knee while climbing up Hawks Bill in the Linville Gorge Wilderness, which has kept me on the couch, stopping me from being able to capture God’s artistry for you.  But thanks to God, it is on the mend.

I even took a walk through a park near my home outside of Asheville, North Carolina, to test out my knee.  As I slowly walked down the flat path, I looked up to see the tiny blossoms of a Cherry Plum tree blowing gently on the wind like musical notes in a beautiful song.  I quickly aimed my 105mm up at the limb and shot a series of the blooms bouncing about in the breeze.   

It felt great to be out in nature again, even though my knee hurt a bit as I put stress on it, traversing the trail in the park.  I hope you enjoy this very simple yet beautiful image of nature I was able to capture for you.