My "Origin" Story

If you’re familiar with Disney and their now “Marvel Universe”, each of their superheroes has an origin story…


Just a fancy way of saying, “Where’s this feller from?”


So I thought I would share my “origin” story with you.  I grew up on a quarter horse and produce farm in North East Ohio called Old Orchards Farm in Saybrook Township.  There my father taught me how to hunt and fish, skills that would later use thirty years later to feed my obsession for nature photography. 


But as much as I loved photography then, I didn’t follow my passion because I had a High School Guidance Counselor tell me I would never make it taking photos of animals and landscapes.  He suggested I choose another profession so I picked radio broadcasting.  That is where I stayed for almost thirty years successfully playing Country Music and meeting cool celebrities who would immediately forget my name after I spun their record or promoted their new movie / tv series / book.  


Florida Georgia Line
Backstage in Greenville, SC with Florida Georgia Line


It wasn’t until my career took me to Lexington, Kentucky that I knew it was time to hit the eject button on radio and find a new start back in Asheville, North Carolina where my children were currently living.  That is when God certainly stepped in because overnight He helped me start up my food and product photography business which allows me to finally chase my dream of photographing and sharing God’s artistry with you.   


I still get asked by my former colleagues in radio if I will ever return, or if I miss it.  I won’t, and I don’t, not even a little.  Not because I am trying to sound aloof or pound of my chest as if I am so much better than them, I am just truly happier chasing the sunrises and hunkering down to watch the wildlife.  The plan God had lined up for me from the beginning.  


So allow me to be bold enough to close by saying, “Never allow anyone to derail your dreams no matter how tough the odds may seem. If God gave you the talent and put those goals in your heart He wants you to chase it.”