Watch Manatees Live

Last December (2021), I took my two youngest sons to experience Galaxy's Edge, the Star Wars theme park, at Hollywood Studios outside of Orlando, Florida.  While we were there, my sister, a resident of the sunshine state who knows how much I love wildlife, took us to Blue Springs State Park to view the manatees staying warm in the spring waters.  While we wandered the boardwalk viewing these majestic sea cows, I started chatting with one of the volunteers for the Save The Manatees Conservation Charity, who disclosed they have cameras set up along the spring to live stream the wildlife in their natural habitat.  

But as my kids and nephew distracted us with their excitement of seeing so much wildlife in one place, I quickly forgot about the live streams.  Then today as I was conducting some research for my conservation and exploration podcast Explore With RWD, I stumbled across the live feeds.  So I wanted to take a minute and share those feeds provided by and  One camera is submerged so you can watch the manatees swim by, while the other is a birds-eye view.  I pray you enjoy these feeds as I have.

Submerged Camera

Birds Eye View

Please understand that Manatees are drastically endangered, not just by boats hitting them, but now by algae blooms in the gulf that is killing off their food supply and in return them.  If you didn't know algae blooms in any body of water are due to runoff of man-made pollutants. So we need everyone's help to save these amazing animals and other wildlife that depend on the flora in the gulf for their food supply.  

You can learn how to get involved by adopting a manatee at